Thursday, December 30, 2010

great.. just great..

Our Malaysian football team, did the country proud by winning the Suzuki AFF cup for the first time!
Kudos to them (clap clap) for a job well done.

I know everyone is jumping with joy as tomorrow is officially announced as public holiday. But I am not one of those happy people.

You know why???

I'll be oncall, that's why (sour face)!!

P/s This will be my last entry of the year, I promise! cross finger :p

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Somebody, please slap me!

I need to start studying and stop spending time in front of the PC!!

My MRCPCH exam is in 4 months time, though I haven't actually sign up for it yet. It would've cost me around RM2500 not including expenses for accomodation and transportation (exam is in Singapore unfortunately.. sigh). I haven't figure out how to juggle between study, work (+doing calls) and family. Note to myself: need to ask Putri and Azwini for tips!

As for now, I have to STOP blogwalking, facebooking and online shopping, though they are very very addictive. Hence, this entry will be my last post for this year and you won't be seeing me for quite a while.. I hope :p

By the way, what is your 2011 new year's resolution? Mine, I need to shed off some extra pounds and those unwanted post pregnancy fat. Thus, I have to stick to my minimal carbo diet and workout plan (though I do not have anything in mind yet). Wish me luck!!!

Finally, to all my readers, friends and family..
Happy new year everybody and may 2011 brings you happiness and joy.

Friday, December 24, 2010


To my dear cousin, Abg Long (Farihan Irfan) and his lucky wife, Nik..

Congratulations to both of you and have a great life ahead.
Can't wait for your wedding reception in March next year!

Cutipie Putri posing with the bride and groom.


I am sooo tired these days. All these premmies less than 1kg are a challenge to work with. I never like handling neonates. I'm telling you, they are so fragile and get infections very easily. I loss count as to how many times I wash my hands before and after touching or examining them.

We loss so many babies this past month that it disheartened me. It tires me out. I never like disclosing to parents when their babies are born abnormal, not doing well or when they are dying despite all your effort to treat them. I admit, I do get teary eyes during counselling sessions. My gosh, the parents are so brave and I can't imagine being in their unfortunate shoes. Looking back, I am so blessed with a normal and healthy baby.

I'll be oncall tomorrow, something that I never look forward to (who does??). My NICU had an unfortunate event today. Leaking from the roof causing banjir kilat in our unit. So we were forced to close down our acute cubicle which can place 8 ventilated babies! So I am practically short of beds. Please, please God, janganlah sampai takde tempat to the extend that I have to transfer patient ex-utero to other hospitals in Klang Valley!! To all babies in my ward and to all pregnant mothers out there, promise me, please stay healthy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do u know that..

the most annoying word/phrases of 2010 are.. jeng..jeng.. (drumroll please..)

1) Whatever
it must be pronounced exactly like this 'what-ehv-errr'
often used by teenagers alike..

2) Like
eg you know like when he said he's okay with sumthin but actually he's not okay with it.. like when i said, cantik tak i pakai stilleto 4 inci kaler pink terkejut nih? and he said Canteeekk but he did not actually mean it.

3) You know what I mean
added at the end of a sentence to make it sound dirty
A: Hey you got the part Juliet for the play.
B: Well, it's because of a one to one tutoring with the director, if you know what I mean..

4) To tell you the truth

5) Actually
- definetly overused in presentations kan.. kan..

So, what is your most annoying phrases?

I dream of jeannie!

I need a Jeannie.. NOW! I'm too lazy to do anything.

I've been wanting to eat triffle since last week and had my other half get the ingredients and everything ready. Except tukang masak ni yang pemalas nak memulakan kerja2 memasak.. yes i know, triffle is super duper easy.. yes i know I am pathetic.

But I do have my own reason... my mom's kitchen is currently going thru a makeover! Pintu dah terkopak, sinki nye yg dah rosak etc.. Our 22 year old kitchen cabinet (from 1988 to date) needs a change. So, malasla nak masak coz tukang tu dok sibuk je kat dapur screwing and hammering.

Hence, my project memasak will be put on hold until further notice :p

Monday, December 13, 2010

I missed..

1) going out for Friday lunch with colleagues..
2) watching midnite movies every week with hubby
3) offline shopping (online shopping becomes a habit now)
4) waking up late on weekends
5) confinement leave
6) Hana the most!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday, u r not welcomed

Arrgghhhhh... am so NOT looking forward to go to work tomorrow. These last 2 days were spent with Hana, playing with her, hugging and kissing her. I'm gonna miss her for the next 5 days away at work.

I'm still worried as Hana is still coughing quite frequently. But thank god, so far she never had fever and there is no signs that the germs has spread to the lungs. I'm positive that she is having viral infection but after a week of persistent cough, I am now contemplating whether I should start her on antibiotics. When it comes to your own daughter, I've become freakingly insecure.

Oh, by the way, Hana will turn 4 months old tomorrow. The last time that I weigh her was 2 weeks ago and she was already 6.6kg. Developmentally, she can laugh and scream. She started to reach for objects and can hold her head up high when put prone. This is the latest picture of her, my darling little girl.

Happy 4 months old, dear Hana Khadeeja.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We are sick..

I am guilty as charged!

I have been suffering from cough and cold for almost 1 week. At the moment, my voice sounds like a guy, hoarse due to unresolved laryngitis.

Since I started working, the only time spent with Hana is 30 minutes before she goes to bed. So I really treasure these precious moments. As I am down with upper respiratory tract infection, I was extra careful not to transmit the virus to my little girl. The first thing that I do when I reached home was to change my clothes, washed my hands and wore a mask. I couldn't resist not carrying or feeding Hana but I avoid kissing her. I also sleep in different room and to my dear hubby, thanks for doing the night shift for the last 1 week!

Unfortunately, yesterday I noticed that Hana was a bit more fretful than usual. Last night I can hear her breath when she is asleep and her nose sound congested. She also started coughing!!! So far, her temperature hasn't spike and I hope and pray that her upper respiratory tract infection doesn't progress to bronchiolitis.

I'm worried as I'll be doing calls on Wednesday and Friday (yes, EOD!) and won't be around to monitor her.

Hana, Mama pray that you'll have a speedy recovery. I'm soooo sorry that I passed you the evil bug!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I can hear u Hana

I'm currently still staying with my parents in Bangi. Travelling back and forth to the hospital usually takes about 35 minutes on a jam free days during this school break. I probably will be moving back to my house in Shah Alam in 3 weeks time after the mini renovation completed.

Since Hana now is able to fall asleep on her own and has predictable night feeds at 11pm and 5am, I'm planning to set up her very own nursery room. That means I have to get a baby surveillance system that allows me to monitor Hana from my bedroom or anywhere else within the house. A good baby monitor doesn't come cheap.
Babyproducts .com recommended AVENT Basic Monitor with DECT technology (interference free) but it cost da bomb RM 455.20 after less! Unfortunately a lot of user reviews online commented that this monitor has sound problem which means that you can only hear your baby when she cries and bawling her hearts out! If that's the case, I don't need a monitor as I can even hear her crying through the walls!But this one seemed more affordable. RM 280 at
I'm still confused as to which one to buy. Both are quite expensive and mind you, this is just an audio monitor. Video baby monitors are much2 pricey!