Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little rugrat

Assalamualaikum everyone.. 

This blog was not updated for so long *clear dust from my keyborard*.. As usual, I was busy doing other things like studying and doing locum untuk kumpul duit :p Anyways, a simple update suffice to state that this blog masih berempunya kan..haha.. 

Hana Khadeeja is reaching 16 months soon. You remember her right? My one and only little girl. She's smart and sassy with increasing vocabulary under her belt. Words that she says so far.. Papa, Mama, Bibik, Kakak, Nak, Dah and Apetuh. Hopefully it will keep on adding soon..

I would say Hana is daddy's girl. She's close to me but definitely more attached to her Papa. Hana just can't let Papa out of her sight or else she starts crying and screaming. But I guess all girls are like that, they are more attracted to opposite sex. Lagi satu, one of her favourite persons also includes her bibik. Sikit2 panggil bibik that I felt a tinge of envy! But who else to blame since more than 50% of the time were spent with her Bibik. Sigh..

Our baby, ikut muka papa or muka mama?
Please vote :p

BTW, she is sick at the moment, contacted the illness from my maid. It is so unusual to see her so lethargic and moody, fretful at night due to her stuffy nose and bouts of cough. She had upper respiratory infection before but it was never this severe. Her fever also seemed unsettling, reaching 39 degrees even at day 5 of illness. Geared with suppository PCM 4 times a day and voren 3 times a day has temporarily reduced the body temperature to 37.5 degrees. 

I still think that it is a viral illness though (examination is still normal thus far) and hesitant to start her on antibiotic as Hana will sure vomit lepas makan ubat. But this time around the bug is more virulent and I have a feeling that the culprit is adenovirus. I'm sooo tempted to do respiratory virus screen but it would be a waste of rakyat's money. 

So today, I decided to be the bad person, pricked my own child and sent blood investigation just to rule out dengue. I'm really hoping that she recovers soon as I miss my cheerful and happy little girl..

At her uncle's recent graduation day, affectionately known as Ayah Su to us..
3rd doctor in the family