Saturday, October 30, 2010

these sandals are made for walking...

Guess what? WHAATTT??

Sebab tension dgn issue di previous entry, I decided to go for a shopping spree and went for Hush puppies warehouse sale at PJ today.

Eventhough sandals dah banyak, but i still treat myself with another 3 new pairs.. Tadaaa..
To wear to work.. hehehe.. nampak sgt selekehnya tak pakai covered shoes ;p
Tamak.. instead of one pair, i bought 2.. Coz they only cost RM 20 each.. yes rm 20 (displayed item yg takde defect pun)!!
ya, cik2 dan puan2.. sila jeles ;p

Isn't it cute.. my new flats..(perasan tak ;p).. it only costs me rm50!!

Issue bibik that gives me headache!!

Bengang betul!!!!

I paid almost 5K to this Indon guy who act as an agent to get me an Indon maid. My mom's maid (whom we got thru him as well) though not perfect but is well trained. She can cook, iron and do house chores and doesn't need supervision. My mom as always, being perfectionist, mesti ada yg tak puas hati, sapu tak bersih lah, buat kerja tak cermat lah and etc.. to meet up to her expectation is almost impossible. But for me, she's damn good if you want to compare with my maid!!!! Macam langit dan bumi tau &*^^%#$#$@#

I beforehand, specifically told the agent that I need someone who is reaaly good with children as I need her to take care of my baby. Since I need to go for 36 hours calls 8 times in a month, the maid must know how to cook while I'm gone.

My maid just arrived a week ago. Guess what??? She comes from pedalaman mana ntah with no electricity or water supply!!!!!!!!!! Can u imagine, she has no experience handling electrical appliances be it rice cooker, iron, washing machine, stove, vaccum cleaner and the list goes on and on... I (actually my mom's maid) even had to teach her how to use the toilet!!!! Haiihh.. baik amik org asli jer...

I've become very stressed up. Her hygine is questionable. How can I let her hold Hana, handle her bottles or prepare her milk?????? Tension toksah nak kata la.

Okay.. okay.. kesian pun ada jugak since she comes from a very poor family who don't even have enough food to eat. *Tapi aku tgk tak kurus pun macam org Afrika* Kita pulak siap boleh bagi ikan and nasik kat The Strays (kumpulan kucing2 terbiar dan tak bertuan belakang umah).

Tapi kesian jadi benci pulak. She has few male friends living in Malaysia. So my mom's maid (who acts as our 007 now) report to me that she calls and SMS them every night sampai pukul 2-3 pagi. Tapi my mom's maid faham skit2 jer since my maid talks in Lombok language. I can't take it anymore when my spy told me that she overheard my maid asking her guy friend to find her a job as a salegirl kat mana2 kedai... What the @$%@$% is she doing??!!

Kita dah la ikhlas nak tolong dia sbb org susah lah kononye and she is secretly planning to flee (or flea?) from my house. Tak guna punya org!! I better send her back. Mmg menakutkan la sbb ramai kawan lelaki kan. Kotnya rompak rumah kita ke, bawak lari Hana nanti ker mana tau kan????

My husband called Pak Zul who is our agent dgn bengangnye coz we truly felt cheated... I demand to get a new maid straight away.. bayar je mahal and janji bagai2, signed, sealed but not delivered as promised!

Isu bibik ni is stressing me up. Dah la milk supply kurang, makin la skit production when I had to deal with this issue.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm very concern..

I'm coming back to work on 21st of November after 3 months of leave (2 months of maternity and 1 month of my own cuti rehat). I'm in dilemma when it comes to babysitter issue.

Since I started working in my current hospital, I have encountered >10 cases of shaken baby syndrome and most of these children were either taken care by the maid or pengasuh. It is difficult to point finger on who the guilty party, either their mom/dad or the caretaker based on the proof that we had that is the CT scan findings. We had one baby died, few children left debilitating and some lucky ones survived without any neurological deficit. So, amat mengerikan ya jika ia berlaku pada keluarga sendiri or in fact to any children.

I wish my parents live nearby so that my mom can look after my baby but that's not gonna happen as they stay about 1 hour from our home. To send to nursery along with 20 other kids is totally out of question. Knowing Hana, she is a restless and fussy baby. Nak tido punya la susah unless you cradle her. She is really unpredictable.

So I decided to get an Indonesian maid (yg tak sampai lagi ke Msia) to take care of Hana. Since none of them boleh dipercaya, I realized that the best option is to drop my baby and the maid of at my sister's house in Kota Damansara before going to the hospital and pick them up later after work. My sister's bibik has been with her for more than 10 years and she is consider part of family. So I expect her to train and supervise my bibik while I'm gone.

Unfortunately, Kak Mar (my sis's bibik) will be going back to Medan, her hometown for 1 month in December!! Sape nak supervise my bibik? Takkan la dia nak jaga Hana sorang2?

Will she bathe my baby properly? Will she change Hana's wet nappy on time? Will she feed Hana and not let starved? Will she love Hana like I do? Entah2 dia cubit2 Hana or bawak lari Hana, mana la tau kan??? Pasang CCTV pun tak guna kalau benda dah terjadi kan.

Haiiiihhh.. susahnye nak buat keputusan. Help me decide since I'm about to start work in a month time!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My little Hana is currently 7 weeks old. I am (really2) sad to admit that I have not been exclusively breast fed Hana since 1 month old for certain reasons that I shall not discussed here. I would love for Hana to only receive her Mama's milk unfortunately I gave in and started supplementing her with Enfalac.. huhu..dengan penuh rasa sedih dan kesalnye :-(. I feel like a failure for not being able to provide the best for my baby but I believe my decision was called for. Well, let's not be sad here kay..

Anyways, Hana has been having skin problems since day 2 of life. She probably got it from me.. remember PUPP incident??.. It started of as harmless erythema toxicum on the cheek but later on the rashes had spread to both her earlobes, eyebrows and even around the lips.

It did appear like a benign skin condition but my ego tercabar sungguh when my bibik said to me "Nggak mau bawak Hana jumpa doktor? Kulitnya tak baik2".. I was like, "Hellooooo, I am a doctor and children's illness is my field of interest, okay !! Macam tak percaya kat aku plak. I should be able to diagnose this. Easy peasy, it's just miliaria crystalina / rubra and seborrheic dermatitis." Her statement was an insult to my intelligence.

But then again, this is my daughter that we are talking about and when it comes to your own blood, the feeling of insecurity quickly sets in. Hmm, kan I ada boss pediatrician :-) Nak pegi to my working place dari Bangi punye la jauh so I emailed him along with Hana's picture for 2nd opinion and true enough, my diagnosis was right.. yayyy.. just apply hydrocortisone cream and aquous cream and it will all go away..

NOT! Hana's rashes persist till 2 days ago when it got red and itchy that it disturbed her sleep. She also developed loose stool and her bum apperaed slightly red. I was in shock with my inability to diagnose this very commom skin problem earlier, it was ECZEMA!!! How can I missed it, duhhh.. Hana was having eczema, diarrhea, colic and flatulence. It all fit the description of Cow's milk allergy though I don't have any family history of allergy or atopy. So poor little Hana, I have been indirectly causing her to suffer by feeding her susu lembu. Dahla fail to exclusively BF dia, dapat plak masalah alahan.

Some children who are allergic to cow's milk are allergic to soy milk too. So, now I have started Hana on Nestle Nan Ha 1 Pro (partially hydrolized milk) and surprisingly after 1 day, her eczematous skin has much improved, there's no more redness or itchiness. Her skin is still a bit dry so I applied aquous cream cream as often as I can. Her diarrhea has resolved. Previously she poo pooed about 5-6 times soft to watery stool but as today, she only passed motion twice, with normal stool consistency.

So, from now on, Hana will be on hypoallergenic formula so does my future kids...