Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1 month to go

I have finally entered 9 months of pregnancy.

I noticed that this time around, I don't like to dress up and looked all made up. I also can count how many pictures of pregnant me was snapped. I am not in the mood to look pretty.

Some people commented that my belly looked huge but others said the tummy appeared rather small. My baby boy is definitely lighter than his big sister nevertheless he is expected to reach 3kg at term.

My sister in law recently complemented that I nampak kurus but my nurses said I looked berisi. I actually put on 13kg to date and I still have 30 days to go to delivery! 

Kim Kardashian has safely delivered at 36 weeks, owhh.. and we supposed to have the same EDD.. so tak aci..

At this juncture, I can barely breath or sleep. My back hurt and my two feet sored. I so want to beranak now!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You are most welcome!

For dinner tonight, I made separate dishes for every single member in the family. The only people who were sharing was me and my boy inside my belly.

Hubby requested for no carbohydrate as he is trying to shed off some weight. So I made 'easy peasy super juicy' roasted chicken thigh and salad. The chicken was put in the oven without removing the skin to avoid it from becoming dry. So I just simply sprinkle some salt and black pepper on the chicken thigh together with a bit of butter and sweet soy sauce. The chicken was roasted for 1 hour at 200 degrees Celsius and it was ready to be served.

For our little diva, she requested for rice and prawn. So my hubby tapau some rice, while I cooked stir fry prawn and mixed vegetables.

As for moi, I need to top up some DHA for my boy's brain development. I hate powdered milk or taking any form of tablets. Thus, I made salmon, marinated in soy sauce, a squeeze of lemon, small amount of garlic and a dash of OVOO. I sealed it in an aluminium foil and oven baked for 15 minutes.

Everything was ready in an hour and did it all alone at almost 9 months of pregnancy without any maid to help me with the cleaning or prepping! (Pat on the back)..

What really made my day is that my hubby complemented my cooking, saying that my roasted chicken tasted way better than Kenny Rogers or Nandos. My very picky eater Hana ate at least 10 mouthful and cheerfully said "Sedapnya nasi... Mama yang masak." Wink wink..And I am sure my boy also enjoyed the fresh salmon as much as I did. Sorry no pictures as we ate like carnivores!

Okay, I am resting while waiting for my hubby to finish doing the laundry. He suppose to massage my feet :p