Saturday, January 29, 2011


Things that need to be settled by next week:

1) Need to get the 3rd dose of DPT/Hib for Hana. I have been postponing it for 2 weeks :p

2) Buy Hana an 'L' size diapers as she already outgrown 'M' size (dok leaking kot belakang je) DONE

3) Email my poster presentation to Dr Joseph HKL for final approval DONE

4) Courier my MRCPCH exam form to Singapore no later than 1st Feb (before that, must fill form C and get Part 1 letter photocopied and signed) DONE

** all are top priorities!!**

I will not ever never eat a tomato

I may be in my early thirties but I'm not embarrassed to admit that I love watching Charlie and Lola series. I have a BIG smile plastered all over my face whenever I see the show. They are just darn cute, aren't they?! I'm sure it will be Hana's favorite too..

Long overdue..

I've moved to Shah Alam about a year ago and my house warming was long overdue. Me and hubby decided that it's about time that we organize a mini get-together for our family. With a small infant at tow, I can't afford to invite extended families, neighbours and friends (who knows kalau ada rezki, I'll proly do an open house raya nanti?).

As it was bought subsale, rumah I ni tak lah cantek mana pun. Basically, it is an old house with a much needed renovation. Sadly, we still cannot afford one with our current paycheck :( Note to self: must study hard and become a pediatrician dengan kadar segera!

Anyways, everyone came (Papa, Mommy, Rasheeq, Ahmad Rasis, Kak Nini, Abang Nomi, Umar, Sarah, Uzair, Kak Mar, Abe Razeen and a very pregnant Sha) except Kak Nunu (my eldest sis) who was too busy with her work, Abe Muttaqi who is studying at a chinese school in Kelantan and Eida (my younger sis) who recides in Kota Kinabalu.

I am not a great cook, thus, I sticked with what I do best, Western food. So I made sinful baked macaroni and speedy tiramisu cake. The rest, I ordered from Passage thru India coz the food were really yummy (but cost da bomb!). I also ordered cuppies from Chomel cupcakes for my brother Rasheeq who will be celebrating his 25th birthday on 31st Jan. (Psstt.. thanks kak zu for taking my last minute order. U r such a doll!) As for Kak Nini, she contributed a box of Mandarine oranges and brought along homemade mushroom soup yang sangat sedap.

Well, let the snaps do all the talking :)

Yayyy.. It's makan time!

Pekabooo... Hana with her uncle and cuzs..

Uzair, don't bully Hana!

I requested Kak Zu to make cuppies with Kelantan football theme since it is Rasheeq's favourite. Ghomo Kelate ghomo!

Muka-muka pesalah tegar

Sarah and her Ummi

I just can't stand it!!

I really hate the kind of people who throw up thrash out from their cars! I would definitely give them a honk if I see it happening right in front of my naked eyes. Really, really don't understand why they act like an a**h**.

I assumed the one behind the wheels are just plain STUPID, SELF-CENTRED and IGNORANT. I wonder, what value do they teach to their own kids.. that it's okay to buang sampah merata2 asalkan keta kiter bersih???

Shiiishh.. memang tak paham.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 5 months old dear Hana

My darling baby girl just turned 5 months a week ago. She is currently weighing at 7.8kg and takes 3-4 oz of milk every 3 hours.

I haven't wean her yet for fear of food allergy but I've been reading a lot about it at Can't wait to try all those yummy recipes once I start Hana on solids.

Anyways, here is Hana's latest developmental milestone. She can roll over both ways, prone to supine and vice versa. She reaches for objects and mouths them, including the green soft toy in the picture above. To amuse herself, she'll scream, jabber non stop and play with her own fingers. Recently, she started to hold her own bottle and her latest hobby is main sembur2 air liur sendiri :)

Gosh, this small creature keep amazes me every single day!

Happy 5 months old darling.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm dead broke!

This is how I much I have to spend in order for me to sit for exam in Singapore this April!!

Exam fee: £510+SIN$120 (Admin fee)
Accomodation and flights: approximately RM 1700
Total: RM4700!!

It's a no moneyback guarantee. Should I fail this exam, they will not refund the payment! Thus I need to pass or else, I have to stop splurging and start doing locum!

Papa, help me!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Worn out..

I almost forget that I have a blog to maintain.

I am so busy these days preparing for my CME/poster presentation while having to do calls. Not to forget, I really have to start studying as my exam is due in April. Being a poor multitasker, I am starting to feel mentally and physically exhausted.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan hamba mu ini....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My gastronomical adventure..

Gosh, I felt (so) guilty. I ate so much today that I think that I've put on another 1kg! My resolution of a slimmer me just went down the drain. Sigh.. not a good start to a brand new year ..

Breakfast: my mom pushed me to eat 1 bungkus of nasi lemak this morning (not that she actually forced it down my throat :p

Brunch: Went to a friend's aqiqah and though I wasn't hungry, but as a courtesy, I had to eat nasi beriani (which her mom made) and roasted lamb. They were yummy!

Lunch: My sis insisted for us to dine at Bubba Gump and we had baked rice soaked in rich parmesan cheese and a glass of smoothie! Very sinful indeed.

Tea time: We did not actually had tea but instead my sister belanja me a scoop of heavenly Baskin Robbin's ice cream!

I will definitely have to skip dinner or I will end up fat and ugly!!