Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Next project

 My little girl is turning one year young next week. How time flies.. I am thinking of organizing a mini birthday celebration for Hana, inviting only close family members of whom Hana will not develop stranger anxiety to.
Papa and Hana, all dressed up for Iftar
Her favourite thing to do..
"Sape nama Hana Khadeeja angkat tangan.."
and Hana quickly raises her hand (hehe.. comel la babies ni kan)

Since Hana still do not have fondness for any particular cartoon characters, I am contemplating of doing Sesame Street theme for her party (I love their vibrant colors) with menu including an eggless cake for her. Unfortunately the event has to wait until after Raya, that is after abang Umar, her cousin finishes his UPSR exam.

I googled some of the party ideas and gosh, they are all soooo adorable!!!! Just take a look at them yourself. I am sure you want to have those cutesy birthday bash for your little ones as well.. 

1st birthday party inspirations
First birthday party supplies.
I think they are super cute!

More idea..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding 102

Hi peeps.. I am really exhausted after my brother's reception last Saturday. It was an enjoyable one especially having our extended family gather together. There were few hiccups though.

First and foremost, the wedding decorator that we hired turned out to be such a disappointment. The dais was a disaster particularly the backdrop. Yes we did not pay that much for it but for 2k, nak post gambar pelamin kat sini pun I tak sanggup. It was horrendous I tell you that we had to improvise and used our curtain as the backdrop instead! 

The flowers that they use were the cheap ones and my flower arrangement was much2 better and kemas than theirs. The wedding favors that that we ordered also was really not worth it. The cupcakes was really2 bite size small that we had to rush over to Giant on the wedding day to buy Ferrero Rocher chocolates as an additional gift. So, as an advise to the b2b, always always meet your wedding decorator in person and discuss clearly the design that you want! There might be misunderstanding when you just communicate via email.

Secondly, our house got broken in on the wedding day it self. In the midst of all the chaos and commotions time bride and her rombongan sampai, some hamba Allah went up to the 1st floor of our house pretended to be one of the guests and stole credit cards, jewellery and cash. We only realized later that night when we found our cousin's purse under the sink inside the washroom. My mom lost some money and 2 rings, my brother's iphone 4 was taken and so did my SIL RM700 and my little niece's bracelet. The next day, my dad said orang surau kata same unfortunate event also happened at other ppl's kenduri in Bangi recently, the culprit brought along 2 kids so that she doesn't appear suspicious! Police report was lodged and we hope that the irresponsible person get caught.

Anyways, enjoy few of the pictures of our DIY project. I might not be blogging for a while though.. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa and may us all make full use of the holy month Ramadhan...

Fatin & Rasis, the bride and the groom
Note: I did the hand bouquet using pink eustoma and blue hydrangea

Pelamin using our curtain as the backdrop. Turned out quite nice kan..
Note: the flowers kat depan tapak pelamin and atas table belah kanan sume buat sendiri..


Main table set up..
Note: decorator yang design though I think this one we can actually DIY
Gorgeous flowers.. 
Cucuk saja, sangat senang nak buat.
You just have to choose the flowers and the colour

Hana Khadeeja Ahmad pun hasil DIY jugak :p