Sunday, November 18, 2012

Morning sickness

Sakit kepala and nauseated.. not a great feeling at all especially now that I need to study and focus for my exam in Feb. I just need to get it over and done with. 

Morning sickness really is a misnomer. I am currently 6 weeks period of gestation and I feel that it is way too early for me to experience all day sickness. When I was carrying Hana, all this vomiting and queasy feeling only hit me at 9 weeks! Maybe this time it is a he.  

Please please Allah. Make this easy for me...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Too much on my shoulder..

Did I tell you that my baby brother and hopefully my younger sister are getting married next year. Guess who is their wedding planner? Yes, your answer is spot on.. ME! My elder sister is pregnant at the moment, hence, I feel bad for bothering her too much.

My brother's plan of tying the knot is all planned out. My sister on the other hand, still fails to convince my father to allow her to marry her Swedish boyfriend. I know that if Allah has chosen this guy to be my sis's husband and they are destined to marry each other then my dad will eventually give his blessing and Allah the Almighty will ease their the path to their marriage. 

Whatever it is, I'm hoping for the best.. that we can do both wedding receptions together. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone.. thus saving more stones here right? In this case, I'm referring to money, energy and time.

From previous experience, we've decided not to hold the ceremony at home. Particularly if we are to have 2 brides and grooms with their respective families cramping in our small yard. The weather can be unpredictable as well. The last wedding at home, it was pouring down. I feel sorry for the guests who had to brace through the rain just to attend the kenduri.

We all just love the hall where me and my elder bro, Abe had our reception. It was at Dewan Seri Melati, Putrajaya. Not only that it was fully carpeted, the hall was really spacious with ample parking space and a huge rest area for my relatives to hang out.  and The management also allowed us to have our own caterer and the most importantly  the hall rent was dirt cheap. The problem is, both the halls there are fully booked until end of 2013!! Seriously, ramainya anak2 dara nak kawen!!

We don't want hotel receptions as we prefer buffet style that is more relaxed with more time to mingle around and enjoy our guests company. My dad is very strict and a difficult person to negotiate. His is adamant to do the reception at UKM hall but the downside is dewan tu berjubin. So big no no for us... we want a carpeted hall!!! 

I am now left at dead end. We are going behind my dad's back here. I have 2 other halls in mind at the moment. Tomorrow will be my first appointment to see the 1st hall and 2nd appointment is scheduled next week. I need to secure the hall baru boleh arrange to hire decorator etc..

Big things ahead.. not to forget, I am also juggling with my work and preparation for my final exam.. Sigh..