Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Worn out

I made kerja gile. That was travelling KL-KB-KL in one freaking day and oncall the next morning. Yes, I know I am crazy but I did not have any other choice. My male cousin got married 2 weeks ago in Pontian, Johor and I sadly could not make it as I was on duty the night before (again.. such a boring excuse already!). 

The Johor wedding that I missed
So I HAVE to attend his reception which was held at my grandmother's home in Pasir Mas, Kelantan. I couldn't take earlier leave as me and my hubby had to work on Friday and decided to fly back and fro on the same day. 

Our flight was at 7.15am and we had to be at the Subang airport the latest at 6.30am. For fear of waking up late, I couldn't sleep well the whole night and kept on checking the clock on my handphone. By 5am I was up and we finally make a move at 6am. I left Hana at home with bibik as I don't think she can handle the short and hectic travelling. I met my sister and my mother at the airport before flying together to KB. By the way, Ferhad (yes, the Hitz FM radio announcer) was in the same flight! P/s.. I always pretend that I don't know them whenever I encounter local celebrities. I don't want to appear jakun and I don't admire them enough to ask for their autographs :p

Anyways, my brother who arrived 1 day earlier picked the whole lot and off we went in search for the best breakfast in the whole Kelantan. I'm embarrassed to say that we had to call my BIL, orang Melaka for recommendation! Well, what can I say, we always eat at home whenever we balik kampung for raya and eating out in KB is something that we never do!

We finally found the recommended eating place and boy, the food was really yummy. Nasi berlauk was full of lauk (they are not cheapskate at all when putting lauk on your nasi), laksam was okay and my nasi tumpang to me was delicious (though my sister said the one at Belanga @ Midvalley was nicer).. The amount that we paid for 6 people was merely RM19! Very cheap. If you happen to drop by Kota Bharu and looking for this place, it is actually along the road towards Kubang Kerian (HUSM), few hundred meters after Bilal Supermarket.

All in all, the wedding reception was great. The food was SUPERB but the catering service was so so. The bride and the groom were like match made in heaven, Hafidz Rizal, a doctor and Khadijah, a medical student in Indonesia, graduating soon. I am sure Hafidz late mom, who was dearly known as Su, is a proud mother.

To cut it all short, after a hectic day, we took the last flight home and we reached Bukit Jelutong at around 12 midnight. I was really tired and had a restless sleep, one of the symptoms of pre-call blues.

For your information (though I'm sure you are not really interested to know)..I had quite a bad call yesterday. I got stucked in red zone in ED from 8am and unfortunately the very ill baby passed away after 4 hours of resuscitation. There was also another case of non accidental injury (intracranial bleed) luckily did not require intubation. 

I am really really worn out today after an eventful weekend and desperately need to qada' my sleep. Good nite everyone. I'll upload the piccas later..


Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding 101

My elder brother is getting married today after Asr prayer. So last night, me and my sister Kak Ninie went all out to prepare 3 hantarans for his bride. Initially, we wanted to give 9 dulang hantaran but finally decided to give 3 today for the nikah and will bring another 9 tomorrow during the reception. 

We opted for pink theme and after purchasing all the wanted fresh flowers at Floristika, we began the operasi menggubah. It initially turned out disastrous and we could imagine our brother yelled "KENAPA TAK SURUH PRO JE YANG BUAT!!" 

Fragrance au naturale for the toilet :p
So, after much thought, attempts, cucuk and un'cucuk', we finally managed to pull out these gorgeous hantaran using China white rose, pink carnation and purple eustoma. Don't you find them sweet? Heheheh.. sorry, I'm blowing my own trumpet here :p

Mas kahwin 

Gelang instead of the usual ring

Duit hantaran
Excused my bad picca, I was only using my camera phone..

Friday, July 1, 2011


I am supposed to attend macarons baking class tomorrow. Unfortunately I got a call this afternoon that the class is cancelled as the chef fall sick. I was so looking forward to learn how to make macarons for a long time since it is quite expensive and I would rather make it my own. So I am pretty sad that it got postponed to a later date. 

On the other hand, I have lots of things to do tomorrow. The list includes catching up with sleep (priority number uno), shop for a car seat for my colleague's newborn baby and to redeem our dinner voucher from Legend KL which will expire in 2 weeks' time. 

I'll be oncall on Sunday (so not looking forward to this!) and will not be able to make it for my ex-school mate's wedding in Bukit Jelutong itself..

Anyways, hope you'll have a great weekend ahead!

Ps To Faizal Azwandy, selamat melalui alam perkahwinan...