Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mission accomplished

I've cooked chicken biryani today for dinner. How did it turn out? Suffice to say, my husband tambah sampai 3 kali! I cheated and used up Shan spice mix instead of whole garam massala, put in loads of bawang goreng, daun ketumbar and mint leaves and the outcome was a  wonderfully tasting Chicken biryani. I'll try to upload the picture later.

 My next mission is to attempt cooking biryani for my family this coming Raya Haji. I want my mom to rest and I'll be in charge of the kitchen this time. Scary, I know!!! I'm a bit sceptical here as I have never cooked for so many people in my whole life and worried that the rice becomes soggy or undercook etc. I'm praying hard that my biryani menjadi and enjoyed by my family members.. Wish I know how to make palak paneer as well. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1st attempt, Indian style..

My project this weekend will be.. drum rolll please... to cook Hyderabad Chicken Biryani! 

Hahha.. I know.. some of you have your eyes rolling thinking that I have some big mega project planned ahead ke apa but nasi biryani? Pffftt.. well.. that would be kacang puteh for some people but not for me who sadly don't know much about Malay/Indian masak memasak.. YES.. this is the biggest cooking project ever!

I've been wanting to cook South Indian kind of biryani but never has the guts to really do it. I know that Shan Biryani mix from Pakistan is the best option to use but it is so difficult to find; at least in Sg Buloh or Shah Alam area. I've been up and about looking for this one of a kind powder but na-ah, couldn't find it. I guess I'll have to try to cook it from scratch then. Those makcik2 made it looked easy peasy when I saw their cooking videos on youtube recently. Haihh.. 

Alright.. Ambition.. check.. dream big.. check.. cooking talent... errr.. we'll see about that ya..

Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012


Hana has just turned 2 and boy, she is so eloquent beyond her age. She is talking like a 3 year old! So clear, tak pelat with many words in a sentence. (Assessment of a paediatric doctor.. hehe) 

Me: Hana tengok apa tu kat window?
Hana: Tak tengok apa-apa puuun..

On talking of my return from UK
Hana: nanti Mama naik aeroplane, Nana dok rumah ngan bibik yaaaa.. ( I think she repeated what my husband told her)

On wanting to get something from bilik kat atas
Hana: Mama, kita naik kat atas nak? (trying to pujuk me)

On eating ice cream
Hana: Hmmm.. Hana tak boleh makan eskim.. nanti Hana batuk kan. Hmmm.. Nanti mama belikan Hana eskim yaaa (contradicting herself here) :p

On pakai tudung
Hana: Hana pakai tudung, nak pegi school macam kakak cayah (sarah).. Mama teman Hana pegi school nak?

like.. belajar kat mana budak nih???

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bad start..

Last night was not a good way to begin my on call. 

The ward was half empty but I filled them up to the brink. The nurses and my house officers were in dismay, of course, as patients were admitted to the ward almost every hour past midnight. There were 2 unfortunate very ill kids in the intensive care unit that kept me on my toes and my mind boggled all night. My prayer goes out to both of them, hoping that they will eventually overcome this bad ordeal. 

All in all, I slept for roughly an hour with 6 phone calls interrupting my nap, not to mention the ringing of phones in my dream.

I am seriously thinking of my way out of this misery. Firstly, I need to pass my final exam and I'm considering training programme in the UK for another 4 years. Unfortunately, it will not be easy for my hubby to land a job there, but then again, it is not impossible to survive on one income as well. I longed for less working hours, sane time for myself and quality hours with my family. 

I love this country and I'm hoping for the grass to be greener on our side and not theirs. Well.. waiting and praying for a positive change in our health system that considers not only the welfare of the housemen but also the very poor, hard working medical officers as well. Help us!