Monday, February 28, 2011

We are sick..

After doing 2 calls in general ward and exposed to many sick kids.. this is what I get..

Cough cough.. sniff sniff.. Ehem ehem.. my throat is killing me. Sakit badan, sakit belakang.. Don't you just hate viral fever!

I'm on MC for 1 day and on regular paracetamol and actifed. The GP that I met today advised me to take lozenges and gargle as my throat was pretty bad he said. He wanted to prescribe augmentin (antibiotic) but I said hold on, I really think that it's just viral.

Anyways, it's okay if I'm sick but yikes, Hana starts sneezing and coughing.. Oh my.. not another bout of URTI  (3rd time for the last 6 months and she got 'em all from me!) Sorry Hana, I didn't mean to pass it to you :(

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nak makan..

I've been wanting to eat Japanese food since last week. I haven't had them in ages as when I was pregnant, the sight of sushi or oyster really2 turned me off.

My hubby sadly just cannot understand why ppl like to gobble up anything raw and uncooked. Therefore, I turned to my friends or my sister as eating partner.

Last week me and Chiam, my colleague cum partner in crime were planning to have lunch at Shogun, OU for our weekly friday outing unfortunately we sidetracked and 'terbabas'ed at Bubba Gump, The Curve. I swear, someone forced me to eat seafood baked rice soaked in rich parmesan cheese :p

Anyways, this coming Friday, Shogun.. here we come!!

Introducing solids.. yummy..

I started weaned Hana at 5 1/2 months old. She has all the signs of readiness for solids - doubled her birth weight, loss of tongue thrust reflex, can sit with support and seemed interested in what others are eating.

Since Hana has cow's milk protein allergy, I was very cautious in introducing her solid food for fear of food allergy. Thus, I strictly followed the 4 days rule, giving her single kind of food every 4 days and looked for any signs of intolerance.

Initially, she squirmed and spit out everything that I spooned in but what do I expect? Having only milk all her 5 months life, I guess, as bland as rice cereal, it still tasted weird to her.

On weekends, I spent few minutes preparing fresh pureed food and stored them in the freezer for the next week consumption. Avocado and banana are the easiest as I can simply mash them and they are ready to be eaten. Apart from that, I baked sweet potato, and steamed carrots as well as green peas with zucchini. Unfortunately zucchini and avocado are quite difficult to get as they are only available at Cold Storage (.. avocado is not that cheap, bought it for RM5 sebiji!). If I'm too lazy, I still sought for Heinz bottled food.

Peach, apple and pear trio.. unfortunately Hana has apple allergy!

My wonderful baby cubes.. inside are frozen peas zucchini medley

So far, Hana has been on 'makanan pelengkap' for over 3 weeks. She enjoyed food tremendously and eats twice a day. I noticed that she likes anything green particularly avocado and green peas zuchini medley and is allergic to apple and pumpkin. Surprisingly she doesn't like orange coloured food and will only take less than 5 spoons before shutting her mouth or turning away.

An empty bowl

My dear friend suggested BCC (broccoli+ cauliflower+carrot) which her son loved but I read somewhere that B and C are quite gassy. I probably withold BCC for the next couple of months since Hana fart a lot =__=

I did not realize it until I write this entry.. of all food, I have not actually tried homemade rice prorridge :p

Anyways, have you tried baby led weaning? Try google it if you have never heard of BLW. The concept make sense to me. I am ready to feed her finger food straight away but I don't think my maid is. So I'll probably stick to the old pureed food for Hana and maybe try BLW for my next baby. We'll see..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My favourite TV show!

The very handsome Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

NCIS Quotes:

(Gibbs walks in on Tony and McGee with the blow-up doll)
Tony: Morning, Boss!
McGee: This isn't what it looks like, Boss.
Gibbs: Well, what is it, Tim?
McGee: Erm...a joke...I think. A really bad, practical joke.
Gibbs: I'm not laughing. (Gibbs turns and heads for his desk) Lose your gal-pal. (To everyone) Grab your gear. Got a dead Marine in Springfield.
(McGee tries effortlessly to hide the blow-up doll as the rest of the team head for the elevator)

Well.. who doesn't?

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am so jonah!

For those of you not in the medical field, you might not be familiar with this most terrified terms among the doctors. JONAH. Well, jonah is not a person like Cik Jonah or sumthing. It is actually a verb (hrmm..or is it actually a noun?) to describe how busy you were when you are oncall. I know it is superstitious but these kejonahan has been been mentioned for as long as I can remember.

Let me give you an example. I am very jonah these days everytime that I am oncall. That means, a lot of admissions, more ill cases in my ward, many patients decided to collapse during my time (or is destined by God to deteriorate) and in turn high mortality rate!

On busy calls, sometimes you don't even have time to eat and don't you even mention about sleeping. Well, I'll be lucky if I can just have an hour of uninterrupted nap. You are sleep deprived for over 36 hours, you are desperately in need of food and you best mate is a strong cup of coffee just to keep you awake.

So basically, let me sum up how my call was last night.

I had 2 admissions to acute bay in NICU simultaneously! One is premature baby who was intubated and another case of Indonesian baby with meconium aspiration syndrome. At the same time, I was called to the operating theater to stand by for an emergency LSCS whose baby was suspected to have hydrops fetalis (a life threatening condition). Sad to say, the baby came out in a really bad condition and passed away shortly after she was delivered. My heart goes out the young parents..

Anyways, baru nak siap keja, there was an emergency bell from the labour room at 12 mid night (which means baby came out blue and not breathing). Macam nak tercabut kaki okeh sprint ke labour room! Turned out, another Indonesian who did not have proper antenatal check up, postdate ntah berapa hari. Baby came out real bad that I had to do CPR! Miraculously the baby survived but I couldn't tell on the long term outcome for the poor baby. The blood was sooo acidotic the the cord pH was 6.7, almost resembles corpes' blood (means the baby lacked of oxygen for a long time before delivery)!

I finally settled everything by 4.30am and I was so mentally and physically exhausted. I realized that I hadn't eat anything since lunch on previous day but I was too sleepy to even think about food. I answered 3 phone calls in between my drowsiness and had to wake up after an hour to continue my endless work.

Met my colleagues in the morning and they are all agreed, I am so JONAH (even my houseman agreed on that)!

I finally went back in the afternoon, played with Hana for a while before slumbered into unconsciousness...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apa yang di baca hari ini..

Causes of rickets include:
1) Renal tubular acidosis
2) Cystic fibrosis
(much hated topics but favourite exam question)

Other related topics:
1) Pseudohypoparathyroidism
2) William syndrome

I wanted to read more but I was too drowsy to continue.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hana's longest trip!

At 6 months old, me and hubby decided that it's about time that Hana 'balik kampung' and meet the rest of my hubby's family in Besut, Terengganu. So, we took one day off on Valentine's day to get the long stretch holiday and drove back.

It was nothing to wow about. I know, everyone travels with their little ones all the time(eyes rolling) but this was my first time forcing Hana to stay put in her car seat for the longest time everr! 8 looooong hours to keep Hana entertained and stayed buckled up was torturing for me since I am not a great back seater what with the motion sickness and all. So my deal with my hubby was, we took turn. He drove half of the way and I was behind wheels the rest of the time (which I like since I enjoy driving long distance).

Hana slept for 30minutes to an hour or so and will smile and laugh for the next 30 minutes before she became bored and started wailing! Even with 2 pit stop, unfortunately, we still lost the battle. I finally unbuckled Hana the final 15 minutes of the journey as she kept screaming and crying.

Okay Hana, mama let you get away this time... ONLY this time tau!

Hana's first experience travelling long distance..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where was I?

Rite now, I am sooooo bloody jealous dengan org2 yg kerja ofis. Reason being, they can take a long stretch of leave during this CNY holiday.

Obviously, in my field of work, ppl get sick everyday and babies are born every single seconds. Thus, I was stucked at this place yesterday and again on this coming Sunday. Trying my very best to save the lives of these small creatures (which is emotionally and physically exhausting, REALLY!).

So Hana, please behave yourself today coz mama really could use the much needed sleep.

A busy place to be

P/s to my favourite baker, I pray for your good health! Get well soon, dear

Pp/s to my dear brother, banyakkan bersabar. Allah must have better plans for you.