Thursday, April 25, 2013

Round and heavy

I am now in my 3rd trimester. Yes, back pain and muscle cramps are still very much of a problem. However, this time around, I am not as swollen and big as a watermelon. I could recall my last pregnancy whereby I was really edematous since the 2nd trimester and couldn't even fit into a one size bigger Crocs! I am quite happy now that I can still slipped into my size 5 flats. 

My younger siblings reception will be held next month, and I am now eyeing on few high heels sandal to wear to the wedding. The theme colour is champagne brown and I don't have any shoes of that colour. Yippee.. another valid reason to shop!

Alhamdulillah, baby H (yes, we already have a name for our little boy) is growing healthily and weighed approximately 915 grams at 27 weeks. Based on the last 3D photo that Dr Idora printed out, I think baby H looks exactly like his Papa.. or at least he has his Papa's nose! He is also happily moving, kicking and grazing inside my womb just like his kakak. So far, I've started to feel epigastric discomfort as the uterus is getting bigger. 

Kakak Hana is really being an adorable big sister. Again, thank Allah she did not demonstrate any no signs of sibling rivalry. She kisses my tummy and understand whenever I forbid her from jumping near me takut kena baby dalam perut. She however was curious seeing my elder sister breastfeeding her newborn baby Uwais and said that she wants to minum my milk when she grows up ?! I feel sorry for her and felt a pang of guilt as my breastfeeding journey with Hana was cut short. Hopefully, this time around I'll have abundant milk supply so that Baby H can share a wee bit of my milk with his big sister..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fun filled wedding

We attended a good colleague cum friend's wedding last night held at Tropicana Golf Resort, Petaling Jaya. Chee Hoe is a very nice, kind hearted person and we are all lucky to have met this guy. He finally got married to the love of his life, Jun Ai, a very cute lady whom I think matched each other well. 

We had great time meeting other ex colleagues, Chiam, Shikin and Dr Wong. I terribly miss all of them particularly Chiam as she was my best mate back in her Sg Buloh days. Of course we already put a plan for a weekend getaway sometime in June, before I deliver my 2nd one. 

Crazy bunch, including the groom in the middle!

The click

Can't actually believe this guy is a dad

Hana was a good girl that night

Monday, April 1, 2013


It seemed that when members of my family are getting married, I will definitely directly involved. I love doing all this planning stuff but it seemed very difficult lately due to my increasing belly size, my aches and pain, study, work and oncall and etc..

Thank god, my new inexperienced maid has arrived so at least I don't have to bother about laundry thingy. My partner in crime cum my elder sister has just recently delivered a cute baby boy so now I'm left alone with this job. 

I get calls from the future bride about which card to order, nak rent or tempah her wedding dress, order for doorgift and macam macam lagi. I also went to accompany my brother and his future wife to hunt for their attire to wear during the reception. Not that I grumble, I am more than happy to do it for my loved ones, but I'm feeling very2 tired these days. 

Next in the list is to order for Hana's custom made dress and to discuss with my brother/family accountant about the budget for the hall decoration. I need to settle all these by this weekend and put my focus back to my study.