Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shopping spree..

Don't you just love to read? I always love reading since I was a little girl. Thanks to my father who has instilled the passion to read since I was small. My father was the sole breadwinner in the family with 7 kids to support, we were all brought up with just enough food to eat, with a modest house to live in Taman Kajang Jaya and practically no toys to play. Papa was very2 particular when in comes to toys as money was an object. He never bought us one. Never!

But I still remember that he encouraged us to read and despite not enough money, he still brought us to the book store (MPH if I remembered correctly) and told us that we can buy any books that we want and he'll pay for them. TV was only available until 1985 with only 3 channels and limited programmes for kids and most of the time Papa yang conquer layan berita. So our free time were spent with readings books, main masak2 or more adventurous stuffs like panjat bukit or cycling with my brothers.

Nowadays, kids spent their time watching Disney Channel, playing computer games or barbie doll complete with Ken and the playhouse. I am truly amazed if I see youngsters read books in the time of leisure and I wonder how did their parents raise them amidst Facebook, Astro and playstation??

I want my little girl to enjoy reading. I introduced her to picture books since she was 4 months old. At 13months, she'll carry her animal book to me and asked me to flip the pages while making silly animal sounds. That really entertained her! 

Anyways, I went to Big Bad Wolf sale yesterday at MAEPS Serdang. I took leave for the sake of going to this much awaited warehouse sale just to avoid big crowds over the weekends. Along with my partner in crime, me and my sister went on Friday around 11am and when we reached the hall, we were surprised by a long queue outside with some people even brought their luggage along. Genius! Why didn't I think of that! As I entered the hall, everyone went berserk! I got myself a box to put in the heavy books. Everything was freaking cheap at 95% off. Paperbacks and hardcovers were sold at RM3 - RM 25 each! Finally, after 3 hours, I settled down with 6 cook books including Jamie Oliver Kitchen, 8 children books, 7 bestseller novels and 1 giant Disney jigsaw puzzle. Everything only cost me RM209! This sale will be on for the next 7 days. Go, if you want cheap quality books!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lovely voice.. lovely song..

What's my favorite tune these days? ADELE!! 

I just truly deeply love her songs, melancholic and real. She is such a talented young singer songwriter (only 21 years old) with an AMAZING voice and an incredible talent. I realize that after watching tonnes of her videos of her performances, she actually sounded better live than studio recordings!

Listening to her kind of music, I thought that she is a serious kinda gal but I stumbled upon this funny video.

I just cant stop smiling watching this! Adele, a Brit who apparently is a cheeky and hilarious in person, has a big infectious laugh and loves cracking jokes. She's the kinda gal who will be you BFF and will just brightened up you day. I dunno why but she just reminds me of Bridget of Bridget Jones Diary.

Adele, when are you coming to Malaysia???

Monday, October 3, 2011

Growing up..

Thanks Mama abe for this picture..