Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thistle PD Trip

I stayed in Thistle PD for a night last weekend. The duluxe sea view room was reasonably priced at RM290 using government rate. This 5 star hotel really reminded me of The Golden Sands Resort, Penang in terms of architecture and design. The room is clean, carries modern concept and the staffs are friendly. The pools are really huge. This hotel also provided many facilities for kids like playground and playroom, which is free for use. The private beach is clean and Hana loved every minute spent at this hotel. The weather was great and there was no rain drops at all. 

That night we ate at Pantai Ria Seafood Restaurant. Even though it was written as Chinese Muslim shop but I suspect that they don't have halal certificate. Many of the waitress were Malay donning head scarves but the restaurant do serve canned alcoholic beverages. Kira macam makan kat Chillis, Tony Romas and seangkatan. Pork free but non halal la. We ordered buttered prawn basah, salted egg chicken and chilli crab. The latter dish was not spicy and the crab did not taste fresh. Maybe because I am so use to eating mom's very fresh ketam rebus, which explained why I could not enjoy ketam masak cara lain. The prawns were tasty but still could not beat Kota Kinabalu's ones. I ordered air lime kasturi asam boi and it was yummy and refreshing. The service was fast and efficient. My hubby paid RM100+ for the whole meal which I think is quite reasonable.

Unfortunately I suffered from gastritis that night, blamed it on a cup of coffee and that particular lime juice culprit that I had earlier on. I woke up around 1am with epigastric pain. Well, I waited for 30 minutes with the hope that the pain will disappear but instead it became more intense. 24 hours clinic is about 40 minutes drive. I was advised by the hotel staff to go to Port Dickson General Hospital which was only 5km away. I decided to go alone and let hubby accompany Hana in the room. Pity my little girl as she was tired after a whole day full of activity and was just settled to a deep slumber . On my way to the hospital, I encountered a convenience store (more like mini market) just 5 minutes from the hotel brightly lit in the wee hour. Alhamdulillah, they have gaviscon and after 2 sachets, the epigastric pain SLOWLY resolve. I only manage to sleep at 5am! My hubby pesan that eventhough I suffered from gastritis like 1 to 2 times in a year, I have to bring my bekal of MMT for our holidays next time. Baiklah!

The next morning we had breakfast. The food was the usual 5 star quality but still cannot beat Hyatt. There were not many crowds, thank goodness and we enjoyed our meal peacefully. We again went to the pool as Hana was too excited to take a dip. I wanted to extend another night in PD but my hubby was against the idea. Takut my fragile tummy buat hal lagi. So, we checked out at 1pm, and off to Shah Alam. I am definitely happy with our stay this time and will definitely come back to Thistle PD for our next weekend getaway.

P/s too lazy to upload pictures..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Birthday celebration


We are suppose to go to Singapore this week for a family holiday. Flight tickets were purchased long time ago but little did I know that time that I'll be pregnant and my health doesn't permit me to travel long distance at this moment. Well takde rezeki and  burn aje la Air Asia tickets tu. 

We've decided to celebrate my coming birthday at somewhere near and that means Port Dickson! Avillion unfortunately is fully booked, Grand Lexis is overpriced at RM800++ per room during school holidays and that leaves me with a final option of choosing Thistle PD. 

Weather forecasts that today will be cloudy / sunny but no rain. Alhamdulillah, we will be able to enjoy our time in the sun. At this hour, Hana is still asleep and I can hear my hubby snores. I'm hungry and still suffering from bad hunger pangs  that I need to eat every 4 hours! I'm sure I'll start to put on weight in no time. I feel like eating roti canai at kedai mamak near our house. Well, I'll give my hubby few more minutes before I start  waking and bugging him to teman me for breakfast.