Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tazkirah for the day

Kalau aku seorang jutawan, mungkin aku lokek dan bakhil,
Kalau aku seorang hartawan, mungkin aku sombong dan bongkak,
Kalau aku seorang rupawan, mungkin aku buaya daratan,
Kalau aku seorang ilmuwan, mungkin aku tinggi diri,
Syukurlah....aku hanyalah seorang nelayan...di lautan dalam.

Quoted from my senior, Faisal Mansor..

Bye peeps..

My sister used to do this with her close friends. They took a flight to Langkawi in the morning, shop, eat and jalan2 before flying back to KL on the same night! Yup, I know that's crazy, but I'm sure it is fun at the same time, especially when you do all this wacky stuff with your friends. At least they did not go to Bali or Bandung within the same day!

I am doing a less crazier stuff though. Me and my bffs are going for a weekend getaway to PD! Yes, that includes mak-mak orang dan juga bukan mak orang and single lady like Chiam. Can't wait!!! We are heading to this place by the way..

Huhu.. I am partly sad for leaving my hubby and Hana behind. But fret not darlings, we will having our own beach holiday cum anniversary celebration in 2 weeks time...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ladies and gents, meet my new niece..

Baby Zahra Nashwa.. 
(fragranced flower)

Congratulations Abe and Kak Sha on your new bundle of joy.
May she shine like a star and grow to be kind and bright!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm walking down the memoray lane..lalala.. Sequel

Ini gambar Mommy, yang kena circle tu. If I'm not mistaken, this picture was taken when she was in college in Yala before she further her study in Egypt.

With her round eyes, sweet face and quite stylish tudung (even way back then).. Don't you think she's pretty?  When she was in egypt, mom said that there was this Philipino guy who kept hinting to mom that he had this thing for her and dok sibuk mengorat dia. He even dedicate this one song to her.

But papa acted fast enough. He quickly snatched Mommy away from that Philipino guy and eloped to the UK. If mommy kawen ngan org Philipine tu abis la kitorang 7 orang tak jadi orang Mesia (and worst still, we wouldn't even exist!) :p

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm walking down the memoray lane..lalala.. Part 2

This is papa when he was young, probably when he was in his twenties.

Asheeq (my younger brother), do you notice that you look just like him!!

I'm walking down the memoray lane..lalala..

Hi peeps,

My mom called 2 days ago while i was busy at work. She phoned me just to tell me that she found an album that has old photos in it and among those were these 2 pictures of me when I was a messy and comot little girl.

Mommy said that Hana, my daughter looked exactly like me except that Hana has her papa's eyes. 

(I know the hint.. it's her way of indirectly saying that she misses her granddaughter, thus explaining why I'm spending my weekend in Bangi)!

From left: my sisters Kak Nunu and Kak Nini with the most well behaved girl on earth! (roll eyes) 

from left: Kak Nini, my aunt arwah Cik Yah (al-fatihah to her), Mommy and the fretful looking me..

Hmm.. after studying the pictures above, I agree, Hana has some of my genes... yup, she is darn cute :p

Friday, April 15, 2011

My girl is 8 months old!

I just noticed on the lilipie countdown (err.. shud it be count-up instead) that my little girl is already 8 months old today. Gosh how time flies. 

At 8 months, Hana now babbles non stop and part of her vocabularies include saying her own name nyananana, tatata, waaa and eeeee to name a few. She loves music and will sway side to side by the sound of nursery rhymes and even wirid like Lailahaillah. She rolls over actively that I can't leave her on the bed alone (thot of buying a bed rail online once it is on sale ). She's trying to move forward but still need a little bit more practice to perfect her skill. Her favourite things so far are definitely my handphone (kids these days. roll eyes..) and of course, her pacifier which I need to train her to stop depending on it soon.

For each passing day, my love for her grows that sometimes it hurts inside. Hana routinely sleeps at around 7.30pm every night. Almost every hour before I go to bed, I'll find myself creeping quietly into the bedroom , lie silently next to her just staring at her angelic face. Gosh, I actually miss my little girl even when she is actually sleeping soundly.. 

Happy 8 months old darling. Mama sayang Hana always!

Hana's (and her Mama's)  favourite clip!

Cooking project tomorrow..

Me and my sis are planning to use her brand new oven tomorrow by making pizza and red velvet cupcakes.

Since we are too lazy to make the dough from scratch, I'm planning to just buy the pizza base and simply put generous toppings on it and off they go into the oven. Simply easy as I'm planning to get my nephews and niece involve in this mini cooking project .

The problem is, where can I get the pizza base in Shah Alam particularly wherever that is close to Bukit Jelutong? Help me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm choked!

Have you ever feel suffocated and choked by the things around you that makes it difficult to even breath? That's exactly how I felt after I sat for my exam!

It was terrible beyond words. I wasn't sure why it was too overwhelming? Was it because that all 120 questions were easy but the answers were difficult and tricky... or the fact that the whole exam took almost 6 hours that my butt turned numb and my back ached like crazy!

All in all, I can just sum up that I'm mentally and physically exhausted that I desperately need comfort food and sugary sweets to distract me and make me feel good....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I wish..

I can enjoy my cuppa with a good novel instead of this book.. sigh..