Sunday, December 30, 2012


Alhamdulillah, the nikah took place at home and went smoothly as planned. The wedding decorator did a great job with the mini dais and hantarans despite given 3 days notice. Oh how I love and adore pastel yellow theme. Doesn't it look just simple, serene and beautiful? I can't help it but to officiate the dais the night before with my hubby and Hana :)

Most of our close family members managed to attend the ceremony, again, despite receiving verbal invitation for Papa 2 days prior. Of course, there tend to be questions from them as it was such a short notice but everyone meant well and were happy for the both of them. Johan was alone as all his family members could not make it.

The ceremony was started with a short but meaningful sermon delivered by the Imam in Malay and Papa translated to English so than Johan could understand. It followed by the aqad nikah. We initially thought that the aqad will be done in English but Papa wasn't too sure about the lafaz and decided for it to said in Arabic. So Johan and Papa practised a couple of times few days ahead with a simpler lafaz which only consist of 5 words.

That historical day, Papa appeared more nervous than the groom and joked that he did not do this as a daily thing and the last aqad took place 4 years ago (during my wedding!). After 4 attempts (1st was my dad's mistake, 2nd time Johan became nervous, 3rd try was a smooth one but 4th lafaz was just to be sure), my sister finally became Johan's wife.

I wish both of them a wonderful and happy marriage. May Allah bless them always. 

The reception will be held in June next year together with my younger brother,  In Shaa Allah. I'm excited to plan for this event, the final wedding for our family!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crazy time

I was really not looking forward to my weekend calls. My hyperemesis symptoms were really taking a toll on me. I was out of work for most days 2 weeks ago and again on sick leave for 2 days last week. So, when weekend call was approaching, I was so scared that I was having insomnia for days. 

Alhamdulillah, my weekend calls went on smoothly. The ward was not full and there were not many admissions. Most importantly, no ill kids! I was able to sleep and rest despite the headache and nausea.. Allah really had mercy on me.

I am now 11 weeks gestation. One more week to the end of 1st trimester. Really can't wait for all the queasy feeling to go away. The last scan that I did 2 days ago at DEMC showed that the fetus is growing well, all 2 kaki and tangan are showing and seemed to be actively moving. The heart beat is well visualised. I have not been taking my prenatal vitamins though as the thought of swallowing pills and fluid still causing me to throw up. On and off I still had to pop in folic acid just to ensure the health of my baby.

Now, I am planning a wedding, in 5 days time!!! Yes, amidst my morning sickness! My dad finally approved of my sister's relationship last Sunday after a meeting with her Swedish boyfriend at home. Johan really is a nice guy and has reverted to Islam 2 years ago. If Allah permits, they would like to nikah as soon as possible before the guy goes back to Sweden next week. My dad said okay and leave it in the hand Allah. So we went berserk and go all panicky to last minute arrange for wedding decorator, finding a nikah attire for both of them, and 1001 things to do!! Most importantly my sister need to settle their marriage documents by tomorrow in order for them to kahwin by this weekend. Cowboy kan!!!

If all goes well, I'll update their wedding pictures by next week. In Shaa Allah...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1st trimester ordeal

Ya Allah, please help me.. I'm on the verge of depression. I'm facing a totally different experience for the 2nd pregnancy.. BAD one that is. 

Morning sickness used to be something that I can handle but not this time around. Nausea alternating with severe hunger pangs, big lump stucked at my throat after each meal and sakit kepala yang amat sangat. I've been throwing up 2 to 3 times in a day and can't seemed to down in fluids. My friend helped put in IV drip for a day and I injected IV maxolon for a couple of days. To date, I've lost 4kgs within 3 weeks and looked very much like a pale zombie!

I am not able to do routine ward rounds as I had syncopal attack few times in the last 1 week. I felt bad for not able to pitch in with the work load at the hospital. I'm worried sick when it comes to weekend call. All alone, juggling 2 wards all by myself. What if I faint? Who will take care of all the sick kids? How can I go to the emergency dept should there be any resus case? I might end up needing resuscitation my self!

I wish I can take a long leave or MC. I'm just praying hard that 1st trimester is over soon. In the mean time, I have to keep myself together during this difficult time.