Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fashion sense and trend

This lady is really giving me a lot of headache.. fashion wise that is.

I cannot dictate what she needs to wear for the day. She'll say no to all the girly pinky clothes, na-ah to dresses and tak nak to the cute shoes. An argument or a bargain on what to wear every day is a common thing. Pening I tell you! 

Her latest obsession now is her yellow aeroplane t-shirt which she picked up herself when we entered Poney paired with shorts and Nike sports shoes. What I noticed is that she still loves to wear her whimsigirl baju kurung to the mosque and fancy dresses to events. Should I be thankful that she is somehow retained some of her feminine side?

She is one happy girl in this attire

I am hoping that her boyish choices is not a permanent thing.

Struggled to get her into this!

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