Friday, July 12, 2013

Final Wedding

Oh well.. these pictures were taken during my youngest brother and sister's wedding reception which was held at a hall in Putrajaya last month. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. My only regret was that we the siblings were too busy handling and entertaining the guests that we did not snap that many pictures of us. So sad...

I also remembered that I had to stand and walk for hours while had to carry this 4kg of excess baggage in my belly. As a result, I was really exhausted and left with 2 sore feet and backache the next day. Anything for my loved ones..

Eida & Johan with his mom, Eva..
all the way from Sweden

Sheeq and Adilah
Thankful that the bride's dress turned out well.
I was with her picking up the material and design

Papa gave a wonderful speech.
I shed few tears listening to him..

Papa and Mommy, still going strong

My eldest sister who is also the MC
melantak with Umar, the tallest nephew in the family

Hana with Uzair, her most favourite cousin

I looked fat, right?!

Abe and Cik Sya, perfect couple indeed

Love Cik Sya ad Zahra's dresses!!

I will miss organising this kind of event in the future. The next wedding in our faimily will be in probably 10 years time when my nephew and nieces decide to tie the knot. Oh my, I guess I'll be in my 40s then. Oh nooooo..

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