Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hmm.. heavenly..

dessert— n
1. the sweet, usually last course of a meal
2. chiefly ( Brit ) (esp formerly) fruit, dates, nuts, etc, served at the end of a meal

Treasure box from Paddington House of Pancake: yummy!

Molten Larva from Chilli's: to die for!

Cuppies from delicious: heavenly..

New gastronomical discovery, Whoopie pie!!! a very sinful chocolaty pleasure!
(p/s Thanks KS, noticed that 2 whoppies already disappeared? They were gone even before we left Putrajaya..heheh)

I have a confession to make. I have the biggest sweet tooth that when it comes to desserts, I can never say NO! I noticed that since I'm pregnant, most of my cravings are in the form of cakes, cuppies, ice cream, choccies, puddings, triffles, fruits and even traditional Malay (lompat tikam) / Indian (ghulab jamun)/ Middle Eastern kuehs. I can't help myself and thank god that I don't have gestational diebetes for eating too much of these rich offerings. Not guilty though, alasan yg paling munasabah-> pregnant.. hhahahah.

Unfortunately, I'm not born with a skill (or kerajinan) of a baker. I love to eat but I'm too lazy to cook and clean up the mess. The only thing that I make (time and time again) are triffle and bread & butter pudding coz my hubby loves em soo much.

I just browsed through few cupcake blogs and just can't help myself but be amazed with these bloggers passion and creativity in baking (my friend, Dr Ezura included). I got so excited looking at all the yummy cuppies and cakes that I even ordered 2 blueberry cheese brownies for raya from Chomel Cupcakes at! (Dah boleh makan ke sumer2 nih at 21 days postpartum??)

Bestnya kalau rajin and pandai memasak. I went thru few cupcake recipes and find em not that difficult to make except for the decoration which I think requires certain acquired skills.

My azams after I deliver are:
1) Raise my baby well
2) Produce enough breast milk for BF
3) Learn on baby sleep routine
4) Study for my part 2A paediatric exam in December 2010
- that means a lot of books to read and questions to do.. huhuhuh
5) And finally, belajar buat cuppies, or better, attend class buat cuppies!

Banyaknye nak kena buat and I'm a bit scared as I'm a poor multitasker.

Wish me luck yer.. wink wink..!

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